HR isn't your Main Business

As an entreprenuer, you did not enter business to become
a human resource manager.

You entered business to sell a product or service and then generate revenue by doing what you do best.


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How can you Handle your HR?

There are 4 basic options when choosing how to handle the HR function.

You can:

  • Do it all yourself, or assign the duties to current internal staff
  • Hire additional admin and HR staff
  • Outsource all the functions to multiple vendors. One vendor for payroll, another for benefits, and so forth. This option requires time-consuming tasks to integrate the different vendors into a common goal, and often requires redundant communications between vendors.  
  • Utilize a PEO as a single vendor solution.

The bottom line is that PEOs can manage your organization's HR functions better and more efficiently than if you did it yourself, allowing your organization to stay focused on your core business.